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The 18th China Shenzhen (Spring) International Automobile Refit Service Industry Exhibition (AAITF 2019)

2019-05-20 09:41:46

March 6,2019

In three days of exhibitions,Yufing Group launched the world's first intelligent three-color car lighting,which attracted nearly 10,000 people form all over the country to consult and observe, and more than 100 customers have inteniton to.According to statistics,Yufing Group successfully signed contracts with 25 agency partners.


At the exhibition site, the chairman of Yufing Group, Ms.Pan Yuli, who is known as the"LED goddess" in the industry, came to the site and carefully introduced the high standard and high quality products leading in the industry to customers.


At the same time,we are fortunate to receive exclusive interviews with CCTV reporters from China Central Television and obtain the honorary titles of China's top ten automotive lighting brands.