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Car light conversion, is it better to change LED lights or Xenon lights?

2020-10-21 10:48:28

Some users leave a message: now basically 100,000 level models are halogen headlights, sometimes the night lighting road are not clear, if you want to upgrade the headlights, then in the end to change the LED headlights, or xenon headlights? On this issue, the following old driver to analyze with you.


First of all, now the car on the headlights technology is more and more advanced, such as more high-end cars with laser headlights, then like halogen headlights really have some backward, so many friends will choose cost-effective LED headlights or xenon headlights to upgrade their own lights, as for these two headlights which is good, the old driver temporarily put aside, but to start with is if you want to upgrade the car headlights. The words, must remember to add a lens, because if you do not add a lens, the original kind of reflective bowl of halogen headlights, you just replace the bulb, so it will lead to focus focus can not, but the effect is not as good as halogen headlights.

So after adding the lens, in the end is to change the LED headlights, or xenon headlights good? I believe that many friends are very confused, then like xenon headlights have been through many years, needless to say, reliability, the price is not expensive, while LED headlights are relatively low energy consumption, and xenon headlights compared to the biggest advantage is that the lighting speed is very fast, can be done without delay, because xenon headlights need to supercharge the car's voltage to 10,000 volts after the activation of inert gas to be able to light, so there will be a certain delay in the middle! The LED headlamps have a longer life span than the Xenon headlamps.


Furthermore, in theory, like the life of LED headlamps is longer than xenon headlamps, but there is a fatal flaw, that is, heat, will also affect its life, so it can not say who has a long life who has a short life, and LED headlamp retrofit is more expensive than xenon headlamps retrofit, so this is also a lot of friends struggle with the place.


LED headlights and xenon headlights in the end how to choose? The old driver's advice is that if you go to change the lights is to change the assembly, for example, take out the whole headlight and then replace it with an already changed headlight, like in this case the choice to change the LED headlights is no problem.


If you are to take the baked lights change method, that is, the shell in the oven inside the baked, and then break down and then remove the inside of the reflective bowl to re-install, in this case the old driver suggested installing xenon headlights, the first because xenon technology is more mature, the second is that this modification has been many years, xenon heat dissipation problems have been solved, while the LED headlights more heat, if it is not good, it may lead to problems with the lights.


Therefore, you are to change the LED headlights, or xenon headlights, the old driver's advice is based on the process you change the lights to decide. In addition, the old driver to remind you of one thing is to change the lights when you must pay attention to color temperature, do not change the ultra-white light, the light looked cool on a clear day, but to the fog, it's poor penetration, on your driving safety also has a certain impact.


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