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Yufing-Thank you for the journey!

2020-11-27 07:22:32

Since its establishment in 2004, our Yufing Group has been deeply loved by customers, suppliers, merchants and government agencies, which has made Yufing strong from its weakness and become a "giant" enterprise with an annual sales of over 900 million. 

At the same time, our Yufing has a good reputation and scientific research technology in the LED industry, and has a leading position and a huge market share in the LED automotive headlight industry in the LED segment. 

All these are inseparable from your customers' trust in our products, suppliers' supporting for our products and government agencies' care for our Yufing Group.

Thank you! Many Thanks!!! Much Appreciated !!!!




Our Yufing Group is grateful for your supporting and trust, for the hard working of our staffs of our Yufing Group, and for every person or things who has helped Yufing.

Thanks for being with our Yufing all the way and walking together in the future.


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