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11.11 Sale is here!


No way, no way, there won't be anyone who doesn't know that Double Eleven Yuxinfeng is going to do something, right? From now until the end of November, Yuxinfeng Company's strength to give away big discounts, immediately scan the following two-dimensional code into the store to buy it.


                          Yufing Protective Products                                                     Yufing Auto Parts Motorcycle Store

Scan the QR code, focus on two stores, successive activities of products including masks, forehead temperature gun, car lights, emergency lights and other explosive and fashionable products, a wave of offers.

Winter is coming, are you still worried about the cold air blowing? Are you still bothered by the smog? Are you still worried about germs? The answer to all your problems comes in the form of the new KN95 mask with 5 layers of protection, a great mask you can't miss.


Can you imagine that the KN95 masks that normally cost $3/each are now just over 50 cents/each? (parcel oh pro) you can't think of various offers, we can meet you (pro, there are coupons can be collar oh), here, you can not buy a loss, buy not fooled, are really good products, good brand, good discount strength.

Don't hesitate, today, today, immediately into the store to buy it.